Cash For Clunkers Plan | Cash For Clunkers Website

A website about the government’s latest Cash for Clunkers plan was launched by the federal government Monday. The bill passed by Congress last week would allow up to a $4500 car voucher to encourage drivers to upgrade to more Earth-friendly hybrids or super fuel-efficient cars.

You’re probably wondering how the newly approved Cash for Clunkers law can help you out. Here are the rules and scenarios you’ll need to know to take advantage of the legislation, as well as where you can go to get any other information you’ll need to make the deal work.

1. Your car must be 5 or more years old (2004 or prior)
2. Must be drivable AND currently registered for at least 120 days
3. For SUVs, the new or used vehicle selected MUST have an MPG at least 25% better than the government mandated 21.3 MPG.
4. For cars, the new or used vehicle MUST have an MPG of at least 25% better than the government mandated 27.5 MPG

For more info visit the web site

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