David Letterman Affairs | David Letterman Extortion

David Letterman, host of “The Late Show”, revealed on Thursday in his show that he had been a victim of an extortion attempt of having sexual relationships with women who work on his show.

David Letterman, 62, seven months ago married his long time beloved Regina Lasko, whom he had been dating with for two decades. They have a son, now 6.

lettermanDavid Letterman conceded the claims to be true, as he had testified before a grand jury and had admitted to the relationships. David Letterman has decided to go public about his affair instead of bowing to the demand of $2 Million by a blackmailer.

David Letterman said he reached out to the Manhattan district attorney’s office and he was given a plot by investigators . He acted to have bowed to the demands of blackmailer and mailed him what they called a fake $2 million check that was being tracked by investigators. As the black mailer tried to get the check cashed, he was arrested. Neither David Letterman nor the district attorney’s office revealed the person’s name.

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