Jay Vargas’ Wrestlicious

Jay Vargas was only 19 when he became the youngest Powerball winner in history. Jay Vargas, the South Carolina native used some of his $17 million jackpot in producing a reality television show that melds two of his dreams: professional wrestling and beautiful women. Jay Vargas has shot the promo of his TV show “Wrestlicious” and made a pilot episode.

Wrestlicious, a wrestling league for scantily-clad women. In the show, contributor Jon Azpiri aptly describes as a cross between Hee Haw and the G.L.O.W: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Vargas plays JV Rich, a bachelor who lives in a mansion with a bunch of women in bikinis. The show also stars former wrestling manager Jimmy Hart. So far, Jay Vargas spends all his time promoting Wrestlicious.

Watch Wrestlicious Comedy Sketch Preview here:

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