The Big Bang Theory: The Maternal Congruence

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 11 is the latest episode in 2009. It is scheduled to air on Dec 15 2009. This is really lovely episode!

One can not blame Leonard to enter these days of Christmas as the holiday of youth took to writing articles on the psychological and anthropological vacation in society. There was even discussion groups, which obviously can be achieved by Sheldon, as it believes best represents Sir Isaac Newton Jesus Christ is Christmas, from Newton’s birthday actually falls around the holidays.

The show will be great fun. The laugh track has to go though. I was afraid that the girl is presented as a very stereotypical dumb blonde. I was glad to see that it is not. Granted that is not a genius nerd as the rest of the characters, but only its average person. There’s plenty of subtle humor mixed with the obvious jokes. Good show and hope it lasts, because there are very few comedies on TV, now you can really do laugh.

Fortunately for Leonard, change themes. Unfortunately for Penny, the issue is the imminent arrival of Leonard’s mother, who does not know the two are dating. Of course, Sheldon is more than happy to point out why at the same time putting your ornament Sir Isaac Newton in the spider with fire risk investment that is a tree.

Definitely scheduled to be the best comedy of the season, this is a fun and creative show. Two geeks have a beautiful girl (Penny) move into the apartment next door. The two geeks have two friends who are even geekier. Here are the many ways that this show stands out: the geeks are friendly and funny and human, not pathetic, you feel for them, the neighbor is a very sweet girl, and for once the characters are educated and thoughtful, not the usual “stupid” people we see on television. The dynamic dialogue between the four friends is fast paced, fun and full of detailed observations. This is a comedy from Chuck Lorre, the man who created the Dharma (Dharma & Greg), so I’m fully expecting the character of Penny to blossom into much more than it seems. The four men driving establish their personalities in the pilot with such ease that it is clear that we are seeing a very well written and well acted show

Over several injections, Penny and Dr. Hofstadter feels no pain. In fact, Dr. Hofstadter is to detect a decrease in inhibitions, to the point where he wants to take the busboy and he has been raped while eating cheesecake. Penny takes the opportunity to tell her that she is sleeping with Leonard.

Everyone loves to watch “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, including Sheldon. You can understand people crying when the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes, such as hypertrophic myopathy is very painful, and can fully identify with the Grinch … until he returned the gifts.

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