The Sing Off Episode 2

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In this hiatus of shows NBC has decided to have a one week competition where a cappella groups have a Sing Off–also the title of the show, hosted by Nick Lachey.  The contestants compete each night singing a song from a category chosen, last night was “Big Hits” and “Guilty Pleasures.”

I must admit Sing Off is a complete guilty pleasure.  It is two hours long, which is far too long for me to be sitting in front of the television, but the music! oh the music is incredible.  Monday night started with eight groups, two groups were sent home leaving six groups to perform last night.  The judges on The Sing Off Episode 2: Ben Fold, Nicole Scherzinger, and Shawn Stockman get to vote on which groups stay and which groups go; I have to admit that every group that has been eliminated has been a complete shock to me. Although my boyfriend last night said that Ben Fold was the Sinsei of music theory and I should just believe everything he says.

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The first night an all male group, Face, was eliminated–which was a shock because I thought they were great; next was a group from Omaha, Solo, who had so much soul and power, but I guess the judges did not think they could cut it.  Those were the results from Monday night.  Last night, Sing Off episode 2, the all-girl power group Noteworthy was eliminated after singing Coldplay–which I thought was incredible too.  Tonight the five remaining groups get to compete on Sing Off.  Right now I am loving the group Nota (watch them perform “Down” in the video), but I still think it is too soon to pick a favorite.

Watch The Sing Off Episode 2!

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