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Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama television series which follows the lives of interns, residents and their mentors in the fictional Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital (formally Seattle Grace Hospital) in Seattle, Washington.

Meeting Meredith Grey, she is a girl who would like to step into the real world but her work makes this wish impossible. The story begins with Meredith’s enrolling as intern in Seattle Grace Hospital and this is the most difficult part in the resident physician internship program plan of West Side of Harvard University. Her colleagues include Cristina Yang who is in the first year of residency, Izzie Stevens, George O’Malley, Alex Karev. All of them were still students yesterday and today they become doctors. This kind of work training is a matter of life and death and these young people are not very certain about the natural ebb and flow of their own life.

In such an atmosphere of fierce competition and great pressure, these five interns struggle for their friendship. Meredith’s ambition to be a doctor is cast into the shade by a worse secret — her mother, a famous excellent surgeon, is fighting off an unfortunately and destructive diseases; Cristina is a contradictory student — high competition and urgency sense makes her keep away any concerns and she encloses herself. Izzie comes from a poor family in a town, earns money to pay for her schooling by acting as a model and always tries to get over her inferiority. George is a passionate boy-next-door who always does the wrong things in the wrong time; though he has his great attractions to women, he just likes girls. Alex, like some other interns, covers his “grassroots” level background by arrogant and ambition.

A certain doctor group are responsible for giving these interns guidance and decide whether they can become skilled surgeons or eliminated. Senior doctor Mranda Bailery is responsible for the training. It is difficult to believe that she has a nickname “Nazi”. Facetious Derek Shepher is a learned doctor and he has strong sexual attraction to Meridith. Preston Burke is arrogant on ordinary moments, no better off than the moment when he’s taking a scalpel in hand. Doctor Jr. Richard Webber, who is in charge, is the patriarchal man of Seattle Grace Hospital as well as the serious superior of surgical department.

Grey’s Anatomy focuses on a young group who work hard to become doctors. It reveals that in the hard life to interns, no matter the medicine or interpersonal relationship, it cannot be defined simply in black and white, but true life is actually just as gray shadow.


Winner of two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards, Grey’s Anatomy is one of the most watched prime time television series. Let’s enjoy together.

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