How to Watch HBO, ESPN, SKY, ABC, Live Streams TV Shows Without Paying Monthly Fees

Technology has enabled people to find ways on how to watch HBO, ESPN, SKY TV shows live streams for almost free of charge. Unlike most of the normal satellite and cable TV networks which charge you about $90 a month, watching satellite TV over the internet only charges you a start up fee of less than $50 and that all there is. If you decide to watch free live HBO, ESPN, SKY, ABC live streaming TV shows on a pc, you will only have to pay for the start up costs which entitle you to a lifetime membership and free. Learn more on how to watch HBO, ESPN, SKY, ABC, Free Live TV Streams Online.

Instructions on how to watch HBO, ESPN, SKY, ABC, Free Live TV Show Feeds

To watch free live shows from the internet from HBO, ESPN, SKY or even ABC TV channels, you will need to have a computer that is fast enough and has adequate memory. A Pentium 3 for example cannot be able to handle the heavy internet TV feeds from the web.

Check Your Computer to Find Out If It Has Specs Equal To or Higher To The Below To Be Able To Watch HBO, ESPN, ABC Television Shows Live And Free:

1. A virtual RAM memory of more than 520mb will allow your monitor to be able to handle the image files without hanging from limited space. Virtual memory is that memory that hosts images or pictures on your computer monitor and lower memory makes your monitor hang or keep giving you some annoying ‘low virtual memory’ error messages every time you try to watch TV from your pc.

2. To watch free live television streaming shows from HBO and ESPN, you need a computer with speeds of not less than 300 MHz. Most computers however have speeds far more than this and yours should be no exception. A good speed for a pc will enable it download the live streaming television shows streams without buffering.

3. The ideal computer to watch free live HBO, ESPN and SKY television shows streaming live should have a processor of atleast Pentium 4 and above. Less than this and you will have issues on memory, speeds and even quality when watching TV on the web.

4. You can also download a free copy of a good mediaplayer like the windows mediaplayer or VLC. These two give you better quality sound and picture and also allows you to have more control on the pc TV software. They are also both compatible to the pc satellite TV streaming software.

5. For watching live free television shows streaming on your computer, you need to have a stable internet connection preferably one which churns out 128kbs or more. Internet TV is also only available to people connected to broadband which can either be in the form of cable, T1, DSL, Wi-Fi, Wi-max and many others.

6. The satellite pc TV softwares for ABC, ESPN and HBO are mostly compatible with most of the windows operating softwares including WIN 2000, 2003, 2007, XP, ME, NT and Vista. You can be able to use the software even from a mac computer as some versions have been developed specifically for Macintosh pc users for satellite TV streaming television shows online.

When you compare ways to watch HBO, ESPN, SKY and ABC satellite TV streaming shows with the cable and satellite dish services, it’s easy to see why the internet option wins easily. Over 10million people and growing are now watching free live streaming TV shows online. People have also come to appreciate the mobile nature of web television streaming as compared to the other forms of watching TV. One only needs to install the pc satellite TV software on their laptop and they are able to connect to the internet channels from anywhere in the world with a stable broadband internet. Find out more information on the best way to watch HBO, SKY, ESPN, ABC live streaming television shows on a pc from the links below.

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