The Most Offensive Reality Shows on Television

Dance Your Ass Off

There is a certain morbid curiosity to watching people more overweight than yourself dance and sweat to lose weight while you sit on the couch with a soda and bowl of ice cream. America has a fascination with the obese so it’s not a stretch that we have “Dance Your Ass Off” after the success of “Biggest Loser,” “Celebrity Fit Club” and “Dancing with the Stars.” It’s like a combination of the worst weight loss reality shows and the worst dancing shows. If you like watching overweight people embarrass themselves than this is the show for you.

The Jersey Shore

It’s no surprise that the National Italian American Foundation and the Order Sons of Italy in America have come out against this new reality show from MTV. The formula isn’t new, but the stereotypes that the self-obsessed and self-described “guidos” on the show exhibit and seem to embrace has made the aforementioned groups highly suspicious of the television networks motives in airing the show. It didn’t help that in the fourth episode of the show, one of the women in house gets physically assaulted in a Jersey Shore bar by a male patron. The clip of the altercation only further outraged advertisers and Italian groups.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

This stupidly popular reality show follows a group of spoiled rich gold diggers in Atlanta, Georgia. The most controversial part of the show was Kim Zolciak, a 31 year divorced mother of two and her strange relationship with a mysterious “Big Poppa” who funded her lavish lifestyle with diamonds a $60,000 Cadillac Escalade with custom body kits. Lets hope the young women of America don’t take any tips from these women.

Alan McGee is a freelance writer from MN.

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