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One Tree Hill is an American teen, young adult television drama based on American basketball. The show focuses on everyone’s burning passion for basketball and boys’ and girls’ fascinations with each other as well. Setting in a fictional town Tree Hill in North Carolina, this series originally follows the lives of two half-brothers, Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott.

Lucas and Nathan have little in common. Nathan comes from a well-to-do family. He’s the star player of high school basketball team. He’s arrogant and confident. While Lucas is a only son of a single mother. He’s a quiet young man full of ambitions. There’s a well hidden secret between Lucas and Nathan — they are half-brothers.

However, by some quirk of fate Lucas and Nathan are brought together — Lucas attends Nathan’s basketball team. Since that moment, these two brothers compete with each other on the basketball court. Out of the basketball court, they compete to win Nathan’s pretty girlfriend Peyton’s heart. Teenage boys crazy at basketball and full of energy, we could not help thinking what stupid things they will do. But competition is not the most important theme, growth is the point. Growth does not only refer to the affectionate brotherhood between Lucas and Nathan. Every young man’s recognition of responsibility, love, forgive and devotion during formative years grows too. And “the adult” — parents’ marriage, family, loyalty, betrayal, hate and love also change and grow with the influence of people around them.

The problems incidental to growing up in One Tree Hill happen around us at all times. Everybody’ growth experience is different. Some may have smooth formative years while some may experience too much hardness and frustration. However, we always need to grow and mature. We need to learn to confront all kinds of problems in our life time, to resolve but not escape, no matter big problems or small. For example, Lucas is not a perfect person and does not try to be a perfect one, but he tries his best the think hard and square his shoulders to face the life and world.

Except its excellent plots, music also plays a significant part in One Tree Hill. Several scenes are tied together seamlessly at the end of each show and the song.

One Tree Hill

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