UFC 108 Live Stream Where to Watch it and Why You Should

The UFC 108 Live Stream on Saturday January 2 is the first major mma event in North America in 2010. Both of them was undefeated until the current light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida fought them and knocked them out. Now they’re both back in the road to the championship belt with this New Year’s Event.


When Does UFC 108 Start You Ask? It begins at 7PM Pacific Time and 10 PM Eastern Time don’t miss it.

This will surely tickle the fancy of blood hungry mma fans as this fight will surely result in an explosive matchup between two of the light heavyweight division’s best strikers. Rashad has scored fantastic knockout victories from the likes of Chuck Liddell and Forrest Griffin while Thiago Silva has recently stopped Keith Jardine in a very impressive manner. This fight will definitely not be boring or under deliver because it’s just not possible when two fighters like them faces off in the octagon.

The bout is supported by matches from other up and coming fighters in different divisions. One of them is the preson that recently stopped the legendary Mirko CroCop, Junior Dos Santos. It will also feature the young UFC fighter Joe Lauzon as he faces a tough competitor in Sam Stout.

With all blood feuds and fiasco about the Mayweather vs Pacquiao all over the news mma fans will truly be delighted this new year as UFC delivers great fights that are worth watching and paying pay per view for with very little drama. MMA will gain more power in the industry next year and this match will trigger that.

There are so many ways to watch the live stream. You could order it at home and watch it on your HDTV or you could watch them online. For the social media buffs out there watching the event online will be great because you get to read reactions of different people from all over the world across the world wide web while watching the event.

The online streams are available in diferrent websites and you could even watch them from UFC Live in high definition.

Mark your calendars and get ready for UFC’s new year event.

I guess you could call me a fight chick for wanting to watch UFC and mma all the time. Im a huge Gina Carano and GSP fan. I also train mma from time to time. In this event I wonder, can both these guys ever face Lyoto again?

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