Who will be winner of Bigg Boss Season 3: Vindu Dara Singh or Pravesh Rana

As per the latest episode, one thing is clear to me that the winner will be either Vindu Dara Singh or Pravesh Rana for Bigg Boss season 3. The third person i.e. Poonam ji is not a strong contender. I know she is very nice but this is purely my calculations and liking for the bigg boss. Well friends as you all have seen today that Pravesh was guilty for whatever he has done yesterday (dump alll the food into swiming pool) and comitted his mistake in front of both. I really impresed when he feels sorry in fromt of both Vindu and Poonam.

Since the first episode, I always voted for Vindu only, but as the grand finale comes closer everybody is behaving more maturelly. I have deeply analysed Pravesh and found that from deep of his heart, he is a nice guy, but some times he loses the control from him self. And the same problem is with Vindu Dara Singh also. But in the company of Poonam, Vindu has reached in such a place where he can manage him self easily, but there is nobody with whome Pravesh can share his feelings. In this stituation not only Pravesh, anyone of us can do some really goofy things. The one thing Which I really hate about Pravesh is that he dumped all the food, which is the basis nessisty for any comman man OR Aam Admi. He himself has got the entry inside this house as an Aam Aadmi and instead of taking the advantage of this, he is behaving like an destitute which is not good.

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