Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1-7 DVD Box Set

Curb Your Enthusiasm is an American comedy series starring Seinfeld writer, co-creator, and executive producer Larry David as himself. It is produced and broadcast by HBO.

The series was inspired by a 1999 one-hour mockumentary titled Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm, which David and HBO originally envisioned as a one-time project.

The series has been nominated for dozens of Emmy Awards, although it has only won once, and has won a Golden Globe.

Seven seasons of the series were produced and aired on HBO between 2000 and 2009. The seventh season ended on November 22, 2009. …

The series stars Larry David as a Freudian version of himself, accompanied by fictional re-creations of his ‘real friends’, usually played by themselves. Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Wanda Sykes, and Richard Lewis all have recurring roles as characters based upon themselves.

The show is set and filmed in various affluent Westside communities of (and occasionally the downtown area of) the City of Los Angeles, California, as well as the adjacent incorporated cities of Beverly Hills, Culver City and Santa Monica, California. Larry David’s actual place of residence was, and may still be (since his divorce from his wife Laurie), in the Pacific Palisades area of the Westside. During the run of the series, filming has been staged in various rented single-family residences around the Westside.

Although Larry maintains an office, he is rarely shown working, other than in season four which centered on his being cast as Max Bialystock in the Mel Brooks play The Producers, and in Season 7 writing the Seinfeld reunion. Most of the show revolves around Larry’s interactions with his friends and neighbors, with Larry often at odds with the other characters (usually to Larry’s detriment). Despite this, the characters do not seem to harbor ill-feelings towards each other for very long and the cast has stayed stable throughout the show. … focus on DVD business for almost 10 years, We provide large range of DVDS, TV series in competitive price and high quality.our price is lower than the market,you can sell the dvd in your own country, we support a lot of DVDS, Here’s some of the hottest selling items. We have hundreds more of items that haven’t been added to the catalog but we are working very hard at it. If you have a title that you don’t see here please tell us immediately. We sure have it.

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