Lost Spoilers for Season 6!

Even more pressing than the re-installment of your Car Spoilers is your favorite television series, Lost. If you are one of those loyal fans, beware this article houses all the season six spoilers that were revealed by the real cast and crew in 2009. If you’re like me, and don’t get bothered by a spoiled detail, go ahead and keep reading. Here is what’s ahead on the best show on network TV, Lost.

*This season will go all the way back to season one and show a lot of jungle scenes and emotional development of the characters.

*Many old characters return. All characters face backward while John Locke faces forward.

*The time-season will change and the flash-forward aspect will come to a complete come the beginning of the sixth season.

*According to Josh Holloway, Sawyer’s character will be ultimately “destroyed” due to Juliet pushing him towards his original character. He told the press that the functional relationship between him and Juliet is not desirable for good drama; in his opinion him and Kate make for better TV. I conquer!

*The extensive background for the character Richard will be revealed.

*Charlie’s character will come back. Does he have to?? I waited for him to die.

* Elizabeth Mitchell, Juliet will reappear which is key to Jack’s plan.

*According to America’s Most Wanted, Kate did not in fact kill her step father in the fire. It was actually his employee. Could that possibly be the start to the cause of the plane creash?

*Claire is rumored to come back. This will definitely speak to her strange disappearance from season four. Yay, I missed her a lot!

Stay tuned Lost returns to the ABC lineup in February of 2010. Be sure to rent the previous seasons if you are completely “Lost” on the plot. This finale will be a good one.. according to rumors, everything will make sense! Finally!

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