Supernatural Seasons 1-4 DVD Boxset

Supernatural is an American drama/horror television series starring Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, brothers who hunt demons and other figures of the paranormal.

Many friends watch Supernatural Seasons to enjoy how the brothers fight against the demons and satisfy themselves with the blood and gore of their fights. But I do not. I watch Supernatural not because to see how the two brothers fight against the demons, but enjoy the warmth and kindness suggested from this series.

“He’s my family.” This sentence is mentioned frequently. Because he is my family, I like to do anything for him. So the father could fearlessly surrender his life for his son’s life and Dean could go to the crossroad and make a deal — surrender his rest life for his brother’s life. It is because “He’s my family”, many characters in Supernatural try their best to protect their families.

Someone would say that Supernatural is not good because the plots are too loose. But I’d like to say, you will not find it excellent if you do not understand it well.

It seems that the last three episodes of Seasons come with loose plots. However, it is because of this kind of “loose”, there is more space to show characters’ feelings and family values and we can see a family full of vivid details. Smart Sam, reckless Dean and stubborn father. Gradually, we will find that the story begins to have dense and  developing plots when it comes to Season 2. With the previous vivid characters, we start to understand the characters and their hearts. Isn’t it worth watching such a TV series full of warmth, kindness and rich contents? Supernatural Seasons 1-4

Supernatural Seasons 1-4

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