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The West Wing is an American television serial drama following President Bartlet and his staff through particular legislative or political issues.

Josiah “Jed” Bartlet, Democratic Party predidential nomination who has ever won Nobel Price in Economics, successfully entered and hosted the White House while several staff who play important parts in the election take charge of the Whote House offices. The West Wing Seasons 1-7 begins its story…

The Oval Office of the Mr. Present is the center of government affairs, however, the daily operation of the White House depends on the busy administrative offices which lies in the west wing of the White House.

Leo McGarry, who has once been an alcoholice, is now the majestic Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Prsident. He is the keystone of the whole offices in the West Wing of the White House. However, his hard work harms his marriage at last. Press Secretary C.J. Cregg is the awesome spokeswoman of the White House. She deals with media and reporters very cleverly everyday, resolving or covering one and another news crisis. But her upper-hand personality makes the her relationship with pursuers Danny becomes rather delicate. Intelligent Communications Director Toby Ziegler has an ill temper. All the speech writtens of Mr. Present come with his brilliant writing. Young Deputy Communications Director Sam Seaborn is very good at dealing with incidents. Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman is a little frowzy but very clever at attacking the political opponents.

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Ranging from the born,  veto or passing of all kinds of important policies and bills, how to attacking one and another political opponents, how to expend influence over the federal court, national emblem and the senate, how to open up a path for the next presidential election ahead of time to how to involve and influence international disputes which happen in the other side of the world, all the issues of the White House draw the curtain in the offices of The West Wing, generally following the prisident and his staff through their day…

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