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Free iPod Movies for your iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch
Have you ever asked: Where can I download free iPod Movies?

Are you searching for a website where you can download free iPod movies? We get many people asking how can I download iPod Movies for FREE?

iTunes is still a very expensive website to purchase iPod movies from. $14.99 for a movie download is not a good value at all. Especially when you can purchase the DVD for about $9.99. By selling downloads, iTunes has virtually no product expense. They do not have to pay to manufacture a DVD or DVD Case. Nor do they have to ship it to stores for retail sales. Sure they may have to pay for servers and bandwidth but that is a far cry from the cost of manufacturing a DVD and shipping it to a retail store.

No wonder so many people are searching for free iPod movies nowadays. If iTunes would make the price more reasonable then perhaps people would be willing to pay a small free for these iPod movies instead of searching for websites that offer free iPod Movie Downloads!

Why you should avoid websites that offer free iPod movies

There are many websites out there today that claim to offer free iPod movies to download but in reality when you get to their website you are redirected to a checkout page where you are required to sign up for a membership and pay a membership fee in order to download free iPod movies for your iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch (iTouch). This is the old switch and bait method of promising something and when you get there you realize that it is not at all what you though you were getting. These websites that offer free iPod movies prey on naive web browsers that are no educated on how file sharing actually works. Most of these websites that offer you a venue to download free iPod movies are actually trying to sell you software that allows you to connect to other web browsers’ computers and download “shared” files from their computer. When you are done downloading the movie then it becomes available for other web browsers to download from your computer to other people who have pay a fee to these sites to download “FREE iPod Movies.”  Moreover, these free iPod movies take up to 3 days to download!

If you have fallen prey to one of these websites do not feel bad. Many people have. They are very good at misleading users into believing that they are getting free iPod movies. Most of the time you can just contact your credit card company and dispute the charges and you will receive a full refund for your membership fee that you were tricked into paying.

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Free iPod Movies are not secure or safe

The main reason someone should not download from a website that claims to have free iPod movie downloads is because it is a major risk of security to your computer and to your identity. With al the identity theft there is today hackers make a good living at selling information that they obtain from web browsers by hiding malicious scripts in files and then offering these files to be downloaded for free. A web browser thinks that they hit the jackpot and found a great site where they can download free iPod movies but in reality they are downloading infested software that contains a small script which allows the person offering the free iPod movie download to spy on the computer users activities. If you log in to a secure web site, such as your bank account or Paypal account, they will see it all and will be privy to your user name and passwords along with other pertinent detail used to steal your identity.

There are many different scripts that a person offering free downloads can implement. It can be something as installing a virus on your hard drive that create havoc for you, but is no harmful for a long term and is something can can eventually be repaired after paying a computer store hundreds of dollars to restore your system and files contained on your hard drive. Or, it can be more criminal, by stealing your identity which is virtually unrepairable.

So, in sum, download free iPod movies can be very expensive. Sure there are anti-virus software programs that you can run but I find that the hackers are always one step ahead of the people trying to stop them!

So you need to ask yourself is it really worth the hassle and risk to download a free iPod movie ?

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