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Are you looking for a website to download iPhone movies from?
Are you trying to add movies to your iPhone?
Do you want to watch movies on your iPhone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this article is for you.  At the end of this article you will know how to get movies onto your iPhone.
There are many websites out there where you can download full length iPhone movies and it is sometime difficult to distinguish which website are going to take your money and not provide you with the items you purchase and which websites offer top quailty movie downloads that are safe and sucure and virus-free.

Be cautious when using a site that uses file-sharing networks. Many of these sites appear very professional with their impressive graphics, but this may be to deceive users. These peer-to-peer networking sites can’t guarantee that a movie you download will be legal. It’s much safer to download movies from reliable US corporations such as iPod Lounge or iTunes or HungryFlix. Moreover, most peer-to-peer networking sites are riddled with viruses and spyware!

Top Reasons to Download iPhone Movies from a Reputible Website

Bootlegs Equal Poor Quality Any iPhone movie that has been legally downloaded is always of better quality than those offered by bootleggers. Bootleg iPhone downloads will only be able to provide poorly produced movies that lack the quality of a DVD. Viewing movies illegally recorded by a bootlegger is a horrible experience on your iPhone. Squinting your eyes in an effort to make out the picture is not a fun way to watch a movie on your iPhone. Figures in the movie may be fuzzy and appear dark. Sometimes it is difficult to follow the movie script because of the poor quality of such iPhone Movie Downloads.
High-Quality Movie Downloads Cutting-edge technology will always accompany a dependable movie downloading site. Viewing a movie downloaded from these sites will be almost the same as watching an actual DVD on your television. High-quality is ensured by the major movie studios supporting the site.
No Prosecution by Authorities Many people who download movies illegally do not believe they will be caught by authorities. Someone may successfully download illegal movies for a short time, but eventually they will be tracked to their Internet Service Provider. Severe penalties can be the result of illegally downloading movies. Downloading a movie illegally is not worth the consequences. Many torrent website are being monitored by the MPAA and other agencies.

Reasons to NOT to Download iPhone Movies from Torrent Website

Illegal torrent websites exhibit carelessness by not closely monitoring who uploads or downloads files. In fact, often, users and sometimes “bot” programs upload dangerous content in order to try to fool users into downloading the files.

What seems to be the latest blockbuster can in fact be something called a “keylogging trojan” that will attempt to hijack your personal information – possibly including bank and credit card data. The people who end up as victims usually don’t know that they are in trouble – at least, until it is far too late. The trojans that have been downloaded exist deep within your files; you must execute one of these files, at which point it will infect your entire computer.

If you’re in “luck”, you will simply have downloaded “spyware” – software that websites use to track their hits and send ads to you; but sometimes, you will find that your virtual identity will be hijacked, leading to the loss of your password and the loss of countless dollars. The best thing to do is to eliminate the threat by protecting your computer and yourself and trying to avoid unmonitored, unregulated websites.

We recommend that you steer clear from downloading iPhone movies from these type of website.

Where to Download iPhone Movies

Unfortunately, there are thousands of websites that offer illegal iPhone movie downloads, iPhone music, and iPhone software. The first questions asked in the comment sections of these sites are usually “how is the quality?” or “is this a shaky cam recording” or for software “is this clean/legit” referring to whether or not the download contains a virus.

Sadly so, there are also hundreds of websites, lots of them all owned by the same company, that claim ‘legit downloads’, then charge you a $20 to $40 one-time fee only to give you access to some publicly free available software that lets you search through archives of ILLEGAL content and download this content with a torrent client. A torrent by the way is a type of file that instructs a client to download its content through a peer-to-peer network.

If you’re being asked to pay a one-time fee for ‘full access’ to download iPhone movies, that’s another sign that something’s not right. That’s like a movie theater telling you to pay $500 in exchange to watch unlimited movies for the rest of your life, now there isn’t a movie theater in the world that’s crazy enough to do that. Likewise, this doesn’t work for an online movie download business either as they would have to pay the companies that own the rights to the movie you’re downloading, and it’s simply not possible to pay those kind of fees while offering your users unlimited lifetime access.

All legitimate iPhone Movie Download sites will have a fee per download. There is no such thing as a free iPhone movie download that is legit!

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