Did Microsoft fixed the Red Ring of Death in the new Xbox 360 Slim for real?

We already mentioned this in a former article:

“Technically, there is no Red Ring of Death on the new Xbox Slim console. This is because Microsoft has changed the way in which errors are now reported. Instead of red lights, there is now a red flash on the open button to show when there’s an error.

The Xbox 360 Slim has still been known to fail, just like the old Xbox 360 did. However, the failure rate has been reduced although Microsoft are not generally open about the exact percentage of their machines that do fail.”

But a lot of readers asked us for a more detailed coverage about this issue. Why? Because they want to be 100% sure of whether buying a Xbox 360 slim or not.

Right now, the Xbox 360 Slim detects when it’s overheating and shows a new warning screen advising users to turn off the box.

xbox 360 slim

Another improvements include a new chip by Valhalla, a 45-nanometer chip designed with integrated CPU and GPU. The redesigned chip improves energy consumption by as much as half in some cases. This chip is cooled with a single, new cooler, more efficient than its predecessor at the old Xbox. So a better cooler, an improved processor requiring less energy and generating less heat, and a warning system should do the trick…
But still hard core gamers ask themselves: What if I want to play all day, my house has not the better conditioning conditions, or just happens to be a hot day in the middle of the summer?

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Final Fantasy XIV Guide – The Gladiator Class Skills

   Gladiators are a very strong class of warriors in Final Fantasy XIV. They are skilled in the use of one-handed bladed weapons and act as the tank class of the game. What that basically means is that they go into combat carrying a shield for defense and a one-handed bladed weapon like a knife or a sword for offense. It is irrelevant whether the weapon the Gladiator chooses is single or double-edged, straight or curved. The skills of the Gladiator help him in preparing himself for any sort of combat scenario and this Final Fantasy XIV Guide.

   Being the tank class of Final Fantasy 14, the Gladiator takes the help of a shield to protect himself as well as the members of his party. He also has various ways of making an enemy attack him rather than his companions which will be explored in further detail in this Final Fantasy 14 Guide. If he so chooses, a Gladiator may also attack without his shield, focusing more on his sword wielding skills. An expert with bladed weaponry, the Gladiator is highly proficient with throwing knives too.

The Gladiators have two basics attacks using a sword: the Light Slash and the Light Stab. The first deals slashing damage, whereas the second is used to inflict piercing damage. Additionally, they may employ their shields for offense by using Shield Bash and inflict blunt damage which has a chance of interrupting spell casting. After this attack, the target will find himself unable to cast for several seconds.

FFXIV Gladiator Guide – Weapon Skills and Abilities of Gladiators

A Gladiator has the option of mastery a large variety of weapon skills. According to Final Fantasy XIV Guide, the following are the skills available to this class:

Howling Vortex – This skill causes slashing damage along with a mighty howl from the Gladiator that increases the target’s casting time.

Circle Slash – This attack spins the sword and causes Area of Effect (AoE) damage to all nearby enemies.

Luminous Spire – This skill causes the Gladiator’s weapon to be imbued with astral power that gives it brilliance and reduces the target’s magic defense. It also blinds other enemies within range.

Phalanx – Using this skill, the Gladiator can attack the target from behind his shield and deal slashing damage and increase the enmity. However, this only works after a successful block of the enemy’s attack.

Red Lotus – Using the power of flame, the Gladiator increases his attack power and deals out Fire type damage.

Spinstroke – The attack power increases while the enemy is not attacking the Gladiator.

Final Fantasy XIV Guide contains a list of the abilities that a Gladiator can possess in order to give him the advantage during fights. These are:

Ambidexterity – This skill causes the following action to cost half the stamina gauge by focusing on his off-hand.

Cadence – The Gladiator gains control of the pace of the battle and also increases the power of the following attack while in Battle Regimen mode.

Obsess – Giving full focus onto one enemy, the Gladiator reduces the defense of the target, but in the process also ends up lowering his own defense against other enemies.

Provoke – This skill is used to attract the attention of the enemy to the Gladiator and away from other companions. Enmity is increased by the use of this skill.

Rampart – The Gladiator sets up increased defense and magical defense for his own protection.

Still Precision – The Gladiator increases his own accuracy by trying to keep steady, but also loses out on some evasion rate by doing this.

Aegis Boon – Using this skill, the gladiator recovers some HP every time he is attacked by blocking with his shield.

Cover – The Gladiator runs between an enemy and his companion to intercept the attack.

Guard – Using his shield, the Gladiator protects himself.

Clearly, the Gladiators have no dearth of weapon skills in this game and I hope I’ve been able to explain them adequately enough in this Final Fantasy XIV Guide. With this, I end this Final Fantasy 14 Guide and recommend that you check out our site given below for more information and ffxiv guide.

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Christmas List Toys for Boys

Wondering what the best Christmas gift idea for boys would be? It’s a bit challenging to look for a Christmas box for boys. Unlike girls, boys’ interests are more unpredictable. But if you keep to the toy section, there won’t be any wrong turns when choosing his Christmas present.

But times have changed, and this year, there’s something you should know about Christmas shopping for boys: toys today don’t refer to the robots and remote control cars of the past. There has been a massive technology shift in the recent years. And now, boys are more interested in gadgets for their Christmas list!

Take the FLIP MinoHD Camcorder 2ND GENERATION 120 Minutes for example. This is a breakthrough product: a camcorder packed into a really small size. This is now dubbed as the sleekest handiest video camera recorder in the world and would be suitable for anyone’s Christmas box. Despite its small size, it has a pretty big memory at 8gb.

The FLIP MinoHD Camcorder doesn’t have an extra slot for a memory card, which saves you from having to buy an additional card. Don’t worry, 8gb is enough to store 120 minutes of HD videos – that’s more than your boy can handle in one shoot.

If you buy this pocket cam while Christmas shopping, which sells for about $160, you also get the FlipShare software, which makes it easy for boys to e-mail, edit clips, and make movies with their recorded material.This is a great gadget to give boys as their Christmas present this year.

This is a good start in teaching them to cherish special moments and also to cultivate their creative and artistic sides. The FLIP MinoHD is great for teenage and even younger boys. You never know, you might just be getting him a Christmas gift idea that sets him on the path toward the film and multimedia industry.

You can also encourage boys to get into music by putting the Power Tour Electric Guitar onto that Christmas shopping list. The Power Tour Electric Guitar is an electric guitar designed to make it easy for the young boys to learn how to play the actual electric guitar. It also has volume controls so boys won’t play it so loud. This makes a Christmas gift idea because it’s inexpensive but is a great techie gift that can be very beneficial for boys.

But wait, are you Christmas shopping for a serious gamer? Boys who are serious gamers would prefer something like the Xbox 360 more than the Wii in their Christmas box. The newest Xbox 360 model is a mean 250gb model that will keep boys extremely busy.

Or perhaps he would prefer the PlayStation 3 as a Christmas present, the latest much slimmer model of the phenomenal gadget hit. This costs about $300 and offers 1080p output resolution for an amazing display. It is 33% lighter and 36% slimmer, making it more energy efficient and yet more powerful in terms of specs and features.

This won’t be just a Christmas list gift for boys but a gift for the household and for the environment. If your electricity bills have gone up since you got the previous PlayStation models, well it’s time to upgrade the boys’ favorite toy.

FLIP MinoHD Camcorder 2ND GENERATION 120 Minutes

Xbox 360 Console

PlayStation 3

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Fluke Flared Thermometer – Reviewing Mini 62 Series Gadget

Are you looking to buy a fluke flared thermometer today? If yes, you have definitely made a good decision. Fluke Corporation has been operating for over fifty years now. For that reason, you should know that you would be buying products of an industry leader. For two decades that the company has provided thermometers, people have had no complains. Its troubleshooting apparatus are in use world over.

Both individuals and industries are using Fluke products because they are dependable and durability. One thing you should know is that the company has plenty of products. They come in various series, including 60 to 68 series and 561. In this article, you will discover why series 62 mini fluke infrared thermometer is good for you. This professional level apparatus has an incomparable accuracy, a classy design and a manageable size.

It is a non-contact style, which demonstrates best IR (infrared) representation. You can use it in many ways and for a long time without needing to stop.  It is an amazing style for complex applications, such as measuring temperatures in hidden areas, hot and rotating areas. Once you get your product, it will come with a case for storage.  If you want a perfect thermometer for industrial applications, this is the best. It has the following features.

Laser sighting – It has a single point style for proper targeting
Accuracy – This fluke infrared thermometer has a very high accuracy and offers one percent of reading.
Readings – It can hold temperatures for about seven seconds so that you can read well.
Display – With its dual displays, you can view both maximum and current temperature measurements at the same time.
Backlit – One can use this thermometer at night because of its backlight.  Even when you have to work in hidden and dark areas you can depend on this style.
Excellent design – if you are searching for a nice looking gadget, 62 mini series is your pick. It is simply small, stylish and beautiful. It is very compact and strong too. Therefore, you can expect to use for a long time.
Ergonomic handle – A device with a comfortable handle is the best because you can hold it easily. This thermometer has a rubber boot handle for increased protection and durability.
Storage – It comes with a carrying case that ensures safe storage too.
Temperature range – You can use it to measure temperatures ranges between negative thirty to five hundred degrees Celsius. This range is equivalent to negative twenty to nine hundred and thirty two degrees Fahrenheit.

Now that you have seen the features of this Fluke apparatus, you should plan how to buy it. You will certainly love using it, as it is rugged adequately to allow industrial applications. Besides, it is safe and cannot put your hands in danger of burns and electrocution. 62 min series Fluke infrared thermometer is perfect choice for you.  Just search on the Internet, as many sites are offering many of these websites.




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Watch Weeds Season 6 Episode 11 “Viking Pride” (s06e11)

Are you excited to watch the new episode of Weeds Season 6? Well, once again enjoy your night because a new episode from Weeds Season 6 is here! Weeds Season 6 Episode 11 will hit your screens on Monday Nov 1, 2010 10:00pm only on Showtime. Weeds s06e11 is entitled “Viking Pride.” Don’t miss to watch Weeds Season 6 Episode 11 live stream on your TV, or you can access this episode from websites that stream this episode online for free.

What awaits all viewers in this week’s episode? Here is brief Weeds Season 6 Episode 11 “Viking Pride” (s06e11) preview: Nancy encounters a number of people from her past as she scrambles for a way to get her family out of the country; Silas tries to wrap his head around the possibility that Lars may be his father; Warren (Richard Dreyfuss) appears to go off the deep end; and Doug is frustrated by his inability to score a phony passport.

Guest Cast Rick Ravanello: Lars Richard Dreyfuss: Warren Schiff

Watch Weeds Season 6 Episode 11 “Viking Pride” on youtube.

Watch Medium Season 7 Episode 6 ”Where Were You When …? ” (s07e06)

Medium Season 7  is back with a brandepisode! Watch Medium Season 7 Episode 4 live stream on your tv. Medium Season 7 Episode  6 is entitled “Where Were You When …? ”and will be aired on Friday, October 29th 2010 at 8:00 pm via CBS Channel.

Find out what will happen in this new episode, to give you a glimpse below is the summary of  Medium Season 7 Episode 6  ”Where Were You When …? ”  s07e06: “When Allison has flashes to a specific time in the future, she feels powerless to stop a catastrophic event from happening.”

So, don’t fail to watch Medium Season 7 Episode 6 this episode will absolutely bring your television viewing into maximum satisfaction. Again just to remind you Medium Season 7  Episode 6 is on 10/29, 8 pm via CBS Channel.

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Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 6 “Harvest” (s10e06)

Your favorite television show Smallville is back with a brand new season! If you’re a follower of this  TV series, then mark your calendar now  for it will surely be an interesting episode to watch. Smallville Season 10 Episode 6 will be hitting the screens on Friday, October 29th 2010 at 8:00pm via CW Channel.  Smallville Season 10 Episode 6 is entitled  “Harvest.”

What’s in store for us in this new episode of Smallville Season 10? Here is brief summary of  Smallville Season 10 Episode 6 “Harvest” (s10e06):

In Smallville s10e06, Clark is concerned about Lois’ safety when she decides to cover the Vigilante Registrations Act. Smallville Season 10 Episode 6 can truly make your day exciting.

Ok guys don’t miss to watch this exciting episode. Again just to remind you   Smallville Season 10 Episode 6 is on 10/29, 8 pm via CW Channel

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Watch Generator Rex Season 1 Episode 17 “The Swarm” (s01e17)

Give yourself some more time to relax and enjoy with while watching your favoritetelevision show.  Generator Rex Episode 17 is back with a brand new episode! If you’re a follower of this  TV series, then mark your calendar now  for it will surely be an interesting episode to watch. Generator Rex Season 1 Episode 17 entitled  “The Swarm” will be hitting the screens on Friday, October 29th, 2010.

Here is brief summary of Generator Rex s01e17: “Evo wasps are destroying everything. ”

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Watch CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 6 “Do Not Pass Go” (s07e06)

Your favorite action drama tv series is back with a brand new episode! Watch CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 6 live stream on your tv. CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 6 is entitled “Do Not Pass Go”and will be aired on Friday, October 29 2010 at 10:00 PM only on CBS Network.

Find out what will happen in this new episode, to give you a glimpse below is the summary of CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 6 “Do Not Pass Go” s07e06:

When a badly decomposed body is found in an abandoned car, the team must face a killer who is using his victims’ parents to manipulate crime scenes.

So, don’t fail to watch CSI: NY Season 7 Episode 6 this episode will absolutely bring your television viewing into maximum satisfaction. Again just to remind you CSI: NY s07e06 is on 10/29, 9 pm via CBS Channel.

Watch Ghost Adventures Season 4 Episode 9 “Vulture Mine: Vulture” (s04e09)

Watch Ghost Adventures Season 4 Episode 9 Vulture Mine: Vulture s04e09 live stream. An all new episode for Ghost Adventures Season 4  is about to unfold. Watch Ghost Adventures Season 4 Episode 9 entitled “Vulture Mine: Vulture” Friday, October 29th 2010 at 9:00 PM only on The Travel Channel.

We’ve got the sneak peak into the latest episode, here’s a brief summary of Ghost Adventures Season 4 Episode 9: “Investigating the Vulture Mine, where corruption and violence led to the deaths of prospectors .”

Don’t forget to watch Ghost Adventures s04e09 Vulture Mine: Vulture , this episode will absolutely bring your television viewing into maximum satisfaction.

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