Blackberry Torch and It’s Amazing Touch Screen

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is a stylish handset incorporating a touch screen and full Qwerty keyboard. It has been eagerly anticipated by BB fans and also by its competitors, and comes with a new slide facility which makes room for the larger screen and keypad.

The 9800 has a modern look to it but still retains the BlackBerry signature look, its cool, easy to hold, and works very well. It comes with the typical solid build quality as seen in all previous models in their line up.

The 35 key Qwerty keyboard is hidden under the sleek touch screen and is operated by a smooth sliding mechanism. It feels well put together and robust compared to its competitors. The reason for the sliding system is to make room for a larger touch screen as this has been popular on the iPhone’s and similar models. But the screen still feels a little dated compared to other smartphones, on the positive side it is very clear, easy to use and is 3.2 inches big displaying a 480 x 360 resolution.

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The Torch is a little heavier than the Bold, but is similar in size and also it still retains the optical trackpad for navigation. This button is what most BlackBerry users are familiar with and is one the familiar features that has been kept on the phone.

As usual there is excellent connectivity with both quad band GSM/EDGE and tri band 3G/UMTS, and for a faster connection WiFi is also offered. Internally the phone has had some major upgrades, the most important being the 4Gb of memory and a faster processor. There is still an SD slot which can handle up to 32Gb of memory if needed.

BlackBerry have created a very easy to use and attractive smartphone. It has an array of features and applications to compete against its rivals.

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