Let’s Rock with the latest Touch Screen EKEN M006 Gadget

Today the touch screen gadgets have captured most of the customer’s attention hence allowing these touch screen cell phones to come in variety of different features and options. Also most of the people want to have these fully equipped cell phones in relatively cheap prices.


Chinese gadgets will be the perfect choice at this occasion that will surely meet most of the people expectations. From the last few years China products which mainly includes these cheap cell phones has gained a considerable level of fame by virtue of which it can be seen today that most of the markets are loaded with Chinese cell phones.


Not only cheap but also it’s the reliability that the Chinese manufactures are ensuring in their products. Thus on buying these Chinese gadgets you will surely be satisfied by getting all these features along with reliability in an extremely low price.


People who previously just wondered by looking at these high profile handsets can now own these cell phones by adopting the services of Chinese products. The Chinese manufactures has replicated all of the latest models in such a fashion that one cannot differentiate them easily.


The touch screen mobile phones from China have excited the mobile fans to a great deal. The writing on a touchscreen keypad gives the feeling as writing on a paper due to which there is a considerable increase in the popularity of these cell phones.


EKEN M006 is one such product from China that is available on most of the Chinese online stores with some exciting and thrilling features. This is a MID Tablet PC with a TFT LCD of 10.1 inch. Having a high quality screen of resolution 1024 * 600, this cell phone comes in 100% brand new condition.


The color available is black with a processing speed of 533MHz. Wifi is also there for providing the internet facility in a cost effective way. Operating system of this gadget is Google Android which fascinates the users a lot. There are numerous applications that you can install on this Tablet PC.


There is a 2GB NAND flash along with the expansion of storage devices. You can operate the cell phone in different languages that are Chinese and English. Weighing 1.3 Kg the device comes up with Office and other editing softwares like PDF reader and Excel.


It’s a handy option to buy such electronic products online from any of the online Chinese stores. For more information please visit chinabuye.com

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You can easily buy EKEN M006 and other touch phones from Chinabuye online store.
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