Current Hype Over The Samsung Raaga Mobile

The days of using mobile phones just to call family friends and associates seem to be rapidly coming to an end, with the ability to play games, text, surf the internet and check email, these days you can virtual run a mobile office with your cell phone alone. Samsung has been on the cutting edge lately with some newer and more dynamic versions that are just being released. The Samsung Raaga Mobile Phone seems to be catching lots of buzz among its users. One thing this phone has that a lot of others don’t is the use of colors. It also includes a music kit you can take with you anywhere you go.

There are 30 FM stations you can set this phone to as well, also making it a portable radio in its own right. It also includes a speaker phone for listening to the radio or chatting with your friends so you don’t have to hold the phone up to your ear while you’re chatting with them. So if you like music, or just like the radio or simply talking to your peers, this phone has everything you would want. Oh my gosh, I forgot to mention that it even has a built in alarm, so if you want to get up for work, all you have to do is set it for a certain time and it will be sure to wake you up.

Just these features alone are almost certain to create some extra sunshine and vigor in anyones day. If you find yourself wanted to text your boss or friends, you’ll have no problem with the built-in T9 dictionary that will make sure you release your text messages without any typographical errors. And if you like Ringtones this mobile phone comes with a whole collection of them. With these you are guaranteed to get your phone to ring to the beat of your choice. You can custom design your phone any way you like with customized wallpapers as well.

One thing I will caution to all cell phone users is to use the device you paid for and have fun with it, but don’t drive while chatting, especially texting. Cell phone accidents are one of the most common causes of accidents these days. Just the other day I almost had a driver hit me from the side while they were texting. Luckily I was driving defensively and was barely able to swerve around him. Just the other day a bus driver slammed into a smaller car almost killing the passengers because he was reading his Amazon Kindle. But the same thing applies to sending text messages. What I recommend you do is turn your phone off while driving and turn it off once you stop.

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