Five Hardware Aspects That Make a Cell Phone Cheap

The price of a cell phone depends on many factors. While the features and services that they offer are important aspects, there is another important aspect that decides the price of a mobile phone -the quality of the hardware used for the device.  Here are three important aspects that would decide the price of the cell phone.

The Body: The body of the cell phone is an important player in deciding the price. If the body is a full metal body like some of the Nokia models, the price will be increased considerably.  In fact, when mobile phones were first launched, high quality plastic was used to create the phones, which increased their price considerably. Today, there are several low priced models that have lower quality plastic used to decrease their price.  Now, many cell phone manufacturers offer scratch free stainless steel bodies, which hike up the price of the device a bit.

USB Connection: There are still some  phones that cannot be attached to the computer, as they do not have the USB connection. These phones have the most basic features and functions, and therefore their price is quite less. These are known as the entry level market mobile phones.

The Keypad: Some phones offer rubber keypads, while other offer metal and yet others offer plastic keypads. Needless to say, the rubber keypads are the cheapest because rubber is cheaper than plastic and metal when it comes to the  phone industry. However, you should keep in mind that the phones with a rubber keypad are not as durable as ones that are made of metal or plastic.

The Display: The most visible part of the cell phone is also a very expensive part – the display. The display becomes more expensive if the display is a touch screen. There was a time when one would not bother with paying the repairing charges of a touchscreen display and simply get another mobile phone. While that situation does not exist anymore, it is still true that the display adds up a considerable amount to the price of the mobile phone.

The Battery: The battery also plays an important part in deciding the price of a cell phone. There are some batteries that have a lesser life, while others have a higher battery life, and the price different is quite enormous. This plays an important role in deciding the price of the mobile.

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