Five Tips the Mobile Gamer Should Keep in Mind

Mobile gaming has never taken off like the game manufacturers would have liked to. Apart from some tie -ins from the already famous franchise, there is yet to be the ‘killer mobile game’ for the portable gaming enthusiast. However, there are some games that would give a better experience than others. If you are wondering how to choose the right cell phone game for you, keep these tips in mind. Remember that these tips are not about what niche of game you would like to play, but rather it is about how usable the game is:

Usable with the keypad as well as the directional keys: Most mobile nowadays have the up down, front and back keys on their dashboard, and it is quite simple to play the games with this control panel. While choosing a game, check whether the game allows the keypad control as well as the directional key usage.

Screen Size: Some mobile phones have a big screen size and therefore are more worthy for games, while others do not have a very large screen size. However, before you download or buy a game, you should check whether it can be fit in your screen size. Sometimes, even if it is promoted as one that would be perfect for you, you should check out the screen size.

Microtransactions: Some games, though free, may either charge you for micro transactions (in game transactions) or might charge you  Internet browsing charges. Before you opt in for ittry to check out whether you have to pay any kind of money for it, and decide whether it is feasible to do so.

Available for your platform: Like the computer, there are some platforms available for the mobile phone, like the Java, the Symbian, and the operating system like Windows and AppleOS and the Android. You should check whether the game is available for your mobile phone.

Cost: You should also check whether the cost  is feasible enough for you to buy and play. Some franchises are as expensive as a PC CD or an XBox version,  so unless you are not a heavy mobile gamer, you should refrain from spending a lot of money on them.

These are just some of the aspects that you should keep in mind when you are buying games for mobiles.

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