Samsung Galaxy : An Overview

You do expect your smartphones to be smart and, of course, this pressure only mounts when you adopt a name like Galaxy for your particular smartphone. This is what Samsung did with the Galaxy and the question is, “did it pay off?”In short the answer is yes. The Samsung Galaxy definitely has a few things going for it that make it a very interesting consideration within the smartphone market. Those who are searching for an Android smartphone that has a good deal of punch and functionality are going to be quite interested in the Samsung Galaxy.

While the Samsung Galaxy has a great many features to offer, what is likely to get your attention as well as the attention of your friends is the Galaxy’s Super AMOLED screen. The 4-inch WVGA 480×800 Super AMOLED screen will definitely get itself noticed and, in the process, have you playing with it more than you might think. Gadgets such as smartphones that are using OLED technology have a variety of benefits over many other display technologies such as LCD, for example. In general, OLED is lighter in weight, has increased durability, faster response times and most feel that they offer up easier viewing when outdoors. Additionally, Super AMOLED is believed to be even brighter and use less energy. No doubt this is a phone that has will leave an impression, especially when you use the multi-touch zoom feature. If you are looking for a fun smartphone that is also great for portable video, then this is a strong pick.

This is not to say that the Samsung Galaxy isn’t packed with features. The Galaxy, in fact, has all the features that one would expect from an Android smartphone including a 1 GHz processor, a HD video recorder that records in full 720p and a 5 MP camera as well. Video and audio is also fully supported with MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and others such as DivX all supported. In terms of battery life, the Galaxy does a good job especially considering the size of its display and the functionality of the phone. Just remember that 3G will use more of your battery life than 2G. Keep this fact in mind if battery life is a critical issue when you are buying any phone. If you are looking for a head turning smartphone, this is probably one that you should consider. The display will certainly add to a new fun factor to your smartphone experience. Samsung continues to make impressive phones and the Galaxy is no exception.

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