The New iPHone 4 Features

The latest iPhone 4 operating software is available through iTunes. After I downloaded it and tried it out just to see what it was like here are my initial responses.

1. There was an improvement in the performance of the camera, some improvements include a faster focus, faster to take photos and then continue to the capture screen. One other improvement is the digital zoom no included in the operating system update.

2. Most other smart phones have had a dedicated folder for files but the iPhone was lacking in this area so the new fourth generation software release does for the iPhone, this is an excellent example of Apple listening to their consumers. In your home screen you can have folders for applications and put those applications into specific folders so that your home screen is not cluttered with applications.

3. A new feature in the iPhone 4 software is the new spell check, this spell checker actually gives you a list of the words that in error and allows you to choose the word you intended. Before this spell checker the iPhone would just arbitrarily put in the word it believed you were attempting to write.

4. Another new feature in the iOS 4 is it now has a unified inbox, so that means if you have multiple email accounts then you can check them all from the one mail system on your iPhone 4. This is defiantly an advantage over the older iPhones that made you log into every single different email account to check them.

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