Be Practical and Send SMS to Mobile Phones for Free

Did you know that you can send SMS to mobile phones using only your computer? With today’s innovative technology, all you need is an Internet connection and a working computer to be able to send a a text message to any cellular phone anywhere in the world. This is made possible by computer applications that have free SMS sending capabilities.

Our mobile phones are not invincible and there will be times that they will let us down just when we need them the most. For example, what if your cellphone’s battery went dead and you badly need to send a text message to someone but your cellphone charger is nowhere in sight? All you need to do is turn on the computer, connect to the internet and use an SMS sending application to get your message across.

But first you must download the software on your computer. Go to the website of the text messaging software and click on the download link in order for you to save the installer on your computer. After saving the installer, click on the file to start the installation. Just follow the prompts that appear on the screen as you go on with the installation. You will be notified when you have completely installed the software.

The next thing to do before you can begin to send SMS to mobile phones through the Internet is to register or sign up. To do this, go back to the website from which you got the link to the software download and go to the sign up page. Just fill in the registration form completely to gain full access to the services of the application. Usually you will be asked to put in your name, your chosen username, a password for your protection, and an email address that you will have to verify later on. All these details are important to maintain the security of your account and protect you from hackers and other online thieves. You can verify your given email address by typing in the verification code on the space provided. The code can be found in the notification email sent to your email by the website. If there is no verification code provided, simply click on the link that can also be found in the notification email.

After you have successfully registered a new account, you may begin sending text messages from your computer to any mobile phone anywhere in the world. This is the advantage of using online SMS senders. You will not be charged for international texting but can still be sure that your loved one will receive your message. Just a caution, some local mobile networks may charge extra for every reply that the recipients make to the online SMS sending website. Just inform your loved ones about it or tell them to reply to your messages on your mobile phone. Do not forget to include your name in the message for easy identification. Hurry and send SMS to mobile phones through your computer today to maximize this practical service.

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