Common Reasons Cell Phones Break

A cell phone these days can cost about the same as a household appliance. To lose or break your phone can be costly for many reasons. Why or how do most cell phones become lost or broken?

Cell phones getting lost or broken is quite common. According to cell phone carriers, one in three phones will become lost or broken. How does this happen? There are many reasons. For one, we always have our phone on us and let’s face it, they are small. While there are probably a hundred reasons why a cell phone can get lost or broken, according to a survey the top reasons, not in order, include:

1. Tight Jeans – People are placing their phones in the pockets of their jeans, which are already too tight to begin with. The cell phone becomes squeezed when one sits down or just from the pressure of the jeans themselves, break.

2. Water Damage – Many people use their cell phones in heavy rain or just after getting out of the shower. Other people use their cell phones while exercising, therefore sweating into their phone.

3. Dropping The Phone – Phones are small and slippery and they are easy to drop. Some people of course throw their phone intentionally on the floor. These small technical devices don’t hold up well to impact and break easily when they hit hard surfaces.

4. The Dog Ate It – Yes, while the dog eats the homework and the furniture, it also eats the cell phone. Many people have reported that their cell phone became severely damaged or broken due to their dog. Of course their children breaking their cell phones was a close second behind the dog.

5. Down the Toilet – Oddly enough, cell phones in the toilet is a common reason for loss or breakage. While this may be the least talked about reason why a cell phone becomes damaged, it happens frequently. People place cell phones in their back pockets, forget about it, and suddenly its in the toilet. Some cell phones fall out of purses while in public bathrooms and fall into the toilet.

6. Cell Phones Out To Sea – As easily as one drops their cell phone in the toilet, one drops their phone in the sea or lake. Many boaters and fishermen who carry their cell phones on their person find that losing their phone into the water happens quickly. One simply can be looking over the edge, reeling in the big catch or walking the deck of their boat when their phone slips from them.

7. The Roof of The Car – We all set things on the roof of our car while loading the car with our belongings. This includes our cell phone. Because the device is so small, its easy to drive away with it on the roof, completely forgetting it was there. Next thing you know, the cell phone is lying somewhere along never to be seen again.

8. Lost In The Snow – While cell phones are dropped in the toilet, ocean and lake, of course they are also dropped in the snow either to be forever lost until spring or ruined by the moisture and cool temperatures.

There are many reasons our cell phones become damaged or lost – but most of us can relate to these top eight.

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