Four Unique Aspects You Will Find in the Nokia Cell Phones

With so many brands and models of mobiles available in the market, it has become quite necessary for manufacturers to provide some unique aspects in their models. Whether it is due to copyright issues or just because the manufacturer wants to make their models seem ‘different’, one cannot deny that the special features in a brand make them more usable and accessible. Here are three aspects of the Nokia cell phones that you will like.

The Simple Lock Key: The keypad lock system of Nokia is one of the simplest. It is a simple one two activity, where the user presses two keys back to back, the menu and the asterisk button. Of course, all other cell phones have the functionality to lock their keypads, but the one available in the Nokia mobile is one of the simplest.

The Display: No other mobile manufacturer has yet broken this code. Take any Nokia cell phone and you will realize that it has better display properties in sunlight and outside the house than any other cell phone. This feature makes Nokia one of the better buys that are available in the market. It can be considered that Nokia brought about some great enhancements to the display in the initial days of the mobile phone.

Business Cards: This feature might be available in many other mobile phones today, but there was a time when business cards could be sent only from and to Nokia phones. Business cards are a very good way to send all the information stored in one mobile to another in a quick and hassle free manner.

All features at a simple price: Back when mobile manufacturers used to offer major features at a simple price, Nokia offered most of the best features at a sensible price. This is considered to be a master stroke by Nokia, as it opened up many markets for the Finnish manufacturer, as well as other manufacturers. It was one of the first cell phone providers to offer a camera, a multimedia device, blue tooth, and other features in a lower end and entry level markets. Needless to say, other companies followed suit, and one is spoilt for options when it comes to which cell phone they need to buy.

These are the most important unique features that Nokia offers to its users.

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