iPhone still reigning supreme – may move to Verizon

A recent survey has shown that over 50 percent Apple users want to shift from their current carrier, AT&T to Verizon. This recent survey by Deloitte has brought to front a great buzz in the cell phone market. Although the survey also clearly shows that a lot of the users are on group plans by AT&T and might be unwilling to shift unless the entire group does. Rumors state that the shift from AT&T to Verizon might happen in early 2011, although AT&T still won’t confirm it.

One of the biggest assets of the iPhone is its touch screen which is an undoubted leader in the touch screen phone market. Although a touch screen phone is fun to use, there are several risks associated with it. A crack or scratch on the screen can not only ruin the looks of the phone but also hamper its performance. Hence cell phone cases become imperative to protect your phone from various kinds of damage. iPhone accessories like iPhone faceplates help ensure that your iPhone has a prolonged life and lasts longer in mint condition.

iPhone faceplates come in various designs and styles and can suit all kinds of users. Sports buffs have a cause to rejoice. iPhone accessories like the sports arm band are a great solution for those who are constantly on the run. This armband allows you to strap your phone on to your arm and keep your hands free to avoid any accidents. Cell phone cases are not just created with the purpose of protecting your phone but also adding a personal touch to it.

iPhone faceplates and designer cell phone cases allow you to give a personal touch to your phone. These accessories come in a variety of colors and designs ranging from basic checks to more personalized ones like NFL and NBA themed. Silicon cell phone cases have become popular as they are easy to change and come in bright colors which help you give a unique touch to your phone. iPhone accessories like charms too help add a funky and bright look to an otherwise simple phone.

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