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That’s right. You can send free SMS to any mobile phone through your PC. To send free SMS to mobile phones, you can download any online text messaging client or software or go to any website that offers the services where you can send your text messages right on your browsers.

Sending free SMS to mobile phones is quick and easy. You can download the client and sign-up for the service and instantly send messages once you’re done. Or you can go straight to websites that offer the services directly on their websites.

The advantage of this service is that you don’t need a mobile phone to send the text messages. This can come extremely handy especially in areas where mobile phone signal is spotty or hard to access. As long as you have a PC/laptop/iPod/iPhone and an internet connection, you’ll be able to reply to your text buddies anywhere in the world.

Most online text messaging also does not charge a fee for sending messages. Most of these services are free to use and recoup their costs through advertising or with a contract agreement with the mobile phone carriers. However, there are some that may charge the recipient for receiving or for replying to your messages.

Online text messaging works anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. It lets you send free SMS to mobile subscribers that are supported by that client. International text messages can be processed if your client supports messaging to carriers outside your country.

Text messaging works much the same way as instant messaging does. You go online and send messages, but instead of sending PC to PC messages, you are sending PC to mobile phone messages. Online text messaging has the added benefit of being able to type messages quickly and easily with a full keyboard. However, the number of characters that can be sent each message is limited to a few hundred. If you are sending a rather long message, it can take up quite a few messages to complete.

Online text messaging clients also functions like an instant messaging client. If you have a buddy that also goes online, you can send them messages using your account.

While text messaging may be free, some online text messaging services may charge you for sending email or MMS.

Another benefit of using online text messaging is that you can send free SMS to mobile phones even if you yourself don’t have a mobile phone. You just need to register an account and use your email when you sign-up and voila! You can start texting even without a mobile phone.

Be careful though of providing sensitive information to suspicious websites or to websites that have no clear privacy policy. Be aware that your information can be stolen and used for unscrupulous purposes. Always follow safe internet practices and never give sensitive information to untrusted vendors.

Always report problems you encounter to the correct authorities.

Use the service wisely and prudently.

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