Successful Cell Phone Models and Their Successors

Most people would be very confused when they first come across cell phones. All mobile phone manufacturers have numbers to their models, which are used to identify the device, as well as give a technical name. This model number may be different from the name that it is traded in. For example, the Samsung Corby is the model number B3210. However, there are some model numbers that become synonymous with quality, and the manufacturer launches an enhanced version of the model. The enhanced version has a startling resemblance to the older version and is a basically enhanced version. Here are three such couples:

Nokia 6600 – 6630: The 6600 heralded the age of function mobiles for the budget buyer. The phone offered great features, looked cool and was a Nokia. It was one of the first phones to offer a pretty good joystick experience to the user. After a while, the users got a taste of the 6630, which was an enhanced version of the 6600. The 6630 met as much success as the 6600 did.

Nokia 3310 – 3395: This was another series that is considered to be of legendary success. The first phone to hit the market after the bulky 1500s and Motorola Talkabouts, and other models this one was quickly lapped by the market because of its slim and sleek body and – at that time – futuristic features. This phone is still sold by some enthusiasts and used by programmers for reasons best known to them. After the Nokia 3310 was released, there were many other Nokia 3 models which were launched, and all of them received moderate to great success. The last model released in the 3 series was the 3395.

Nokia 1100 – 1101: The Nokia 1100 and 1101 were two models from the Nokia stables that made it into the minds of the people. The Nokia 1100 is the bestselling consumer electronic device in the world.

N Series: The Nokia N Series is another very successful series, which was spawn by the N70. Though the latest model in the series, the N8 is nothing like the original N70, one will still find conceptual similarities to the N series of mobile phones.

Not surprisingly, all, these models belong to one company – Nokia, a mobile manufacturer who has long been known to provide consistent quality and features to its clients. Some of these models may be discontinued, but they are still available in the used cell phone market.

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