Three Nokia Six Series Mobile Phones That Rocked the Market

For those who came in late, Nokia cell phones were the first ones to come as a series. For example, they had the three series, and then the one series, and the two series and so on and so forth. While the one and three series were just the beginning, it was the six series Nokia mobile phones that really set the market on fire.  Here are three of the most important six series mobile phones:

The 6300: The 6300 gave people an idea of what a business phone could actually do. Slim and sleek, it was one of the first color display phones to enter the market. The phone was an instant hit because of the various features that it offered to the user. Though it offered some mighty services, it was very slim as compared to the other models that were available back then. Though the model was discontinued, it was available in the refurbished and used cell phones market till just a year ago – surely a start of the Nokia inventory.

The 6630: This was the phone that brought back the glory to grey colored mobile phones. The unique design brought it a step ahead of the other phones in the market. It was one of the first phones in the given price range that offered a 1.3 MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens.  Also, it was one of the first phones to offer a consistent and comfortable browsing and multimedia experience to the user. When launched, it was pitched as a complete communication and entertainment device.

The 6600: This is the cell phone that broke the back of the market when it first appeared. Priced very reasonably, it was basically a stripped down version of the 6630 – but because the 6630 was launched later you could consider the 6630 to be the enhanced version of the 6600. This was one of those unique semi oval shaped Nokia phones that introduced the budget buyer to the joystick.  This mobile is surprisingly still available in the used mobile phone market and is randomly bought by college students and people who are buying mobile phones on a budget.

These are the mobile phones that can be considered to be the best sellers amongst Nokia’s entire inventory. They are not only important candidates in the 6 series, but are stunning examples of the quality and feature rich phones that Nokia offers.

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