Why the Nokia 5300 Worked So Well

At the cusp of the 00s, the mobile wielder wanted to harness the true power of the cell phone, which made mobile manufacturing companies like Sony, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia look into what features they could provide. Nokia hit it big with the 5300, its answer to Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones. The 5300 can be considered to be the model that brought back Nokia into the mobile market. Here are five simple reasons why the Nokia 5300 worked.

The Brand Name:

Worldwide, Nokia is known for its quality and feature rich phones. In fact, in the Asian markets,  there was a time when people would not buy any other mobile phone. With the brand name and a new feature, the Nokla 5300 was a sure shot winner.

The Size:

Sony Ericsson had launched the Walk Man series, which was a much superior model, but was quite bulk and had a rotational axis that many thought would break if used roughly – which was not the case.  The 5300 was a simple slider phone that was jam packed with features.

Hardware Buttons for Media Player:

The Nokia 5300 had nice buttons at its spine, which not only gave it a good look but also did away with too many clicks for the user. All one had to do was to press a single button to change track, lower and increase volume, play, the song, etc. Definitely something that would be liked by the younger generation.

Big Screen:

Since the Nokia 5300 is a slider phone, they had the leisure to have a big screen, which was a definite winner for the crowd. The big screen helped the user to have a better experience when it came to using the music player. Also, because of the big screen, one could play some neat games on the phone.

Other Features:

Though the Nokia was touted as a media phone, it had several other features, like the internet browsing, WAP, Bluetooth, etc. So, one would never feel that they had been shortchanged If they bought the phone instead of some other phone.

All in all, the Nokia 5300 was a very good phone for its time.

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