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In this era of rapid change in technologies and facilities the mobile communication has been the stepping stone for all the success and comfort in life. These handsets are available in the market at different prices with the deals of various kinds. The present competition is in between the Contract phones & pay as you go phones. Both have pros and cons of their own but the comparison shows that both of t hem are suitable for some while being totally unsuitable for some.

The contract phones came into the market earlier than any other kind of phones. They provided the best of the mobile phones with very low price tags. Other benefits of these handset and the deals providing them were that the deals were also offering a large number of free gifts like free LCD TVs, free laptops, free gaming consoles, free music players, free bluetooth headsets, free car kits, free home theater systems, free snooker tables and many other exciting items. These gifts are attracting more customers to buy them. There are other benefits of these contract phones as well. The free incentives like free calling minutes, free monthly texts, free data, free connection, free instant cash-backs and free line rentals reduce the effective monthly cost of these handsets to such low extent that the common man is also able to afford the most expensive of all handsets.

The only disadvantage of the contract phones is that they force the customer to enter into long term contracts. Thus many customers go for the pay as you go phones. In this scheme the handset comes with a fixed connection but the user of the handset is free to control the mobile phone expenses made. The handset is having all the latest features but work on the pre-payment concept. The user buy the pre-paid card st activate the connection and have the calling minutes. So for those users who wish to have a handset for a long time the contract phones are the best options. While for those who are not willing for entering into long term commitments they can buy the pay as you go phones.

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