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Recently people have been repairing their own iPhones to save them money and time, up until recently people have not considered repairing their own iPhones because it cost time and money that was just not available to the average consumer. For instance parts were hard to get and the knowledge on how to do it was not assessable to the average person. That has now all changed with hundreds of videos on YouTube on how to repair your iPhone and other smart phones and the parts are now available online via many different outlets, specifically EBay.

To make sure you get good quality parts you may have to do some online searching and questioning the various sellers of iPhone parts. For instance always ask if it is a copy or an original Apple part. All too often people purchase a cheap imitation part and it does not work for very long or it does not work at all. Remember always shop around for the best price and quality so that you will have a peace of mind and always ask about warranties on items, some companies will say your warranty on parts is void because you did not have a professional installer do the work.

Choosing the right supplier will save you money in the end and it will also save you time as well. A quality supplier will often have same day shipping and do some checks on the internet to make sure it is a reputable company, reviews are always good.

It is easy to repair your iPhone yourself since all the guides and step by step instructions are on the internet at your fingertips. There are many videos that show people repairing their iPhones that have never done it before so it means you don’t have to be an expert.

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