The Mysterious Nokia E7

Another stunning smart phone from the makers of Nokia, the world’s largest cell phone manufacturer; brings to you the latest Nokia E7. The mobile phone major comes with Symbian 3 Operating system and it is believed to be the best Nokia E7 from the house of mobile phone major. It is said to be the friend of every business man as it comes with a touted facility to create Power point slides on the go. Buy Nokia E7 because it is much faster, easier to use and user friendly. The anodised silver frame actually competes with N8. The QWERTY keypad, a whooping 4 inch OLED screen with screen resolution of 640 X 360 pixels is also loaded with orientation sensor, compass, proximity sensor and ambient light detector.

This phone boasts of being successor to the old E90 communicator and is massively business focussed. It will enable the heaviest email users to control 10 email accounts including exchange services. By the time I tell you more about this high ended product, most of the people must have started searching for Nokia E7 best deals offered by major mobile network service providers and will on look out for cheap Nokia E7 Contract offers, Nokia E7 SIM free deals or Nokia E7 12 month line rental. Coming back again to the email facility, I would like to tell you that Nokia’s newly developed mail interface allows the customer to switch between different folders or even different email accounts easily and smoothly without being closing down the currently open application.

The web kit based web browser loaded with Symbian 3 operating system give this phone an edge over its competitors. The websites even with flash content are opened without much hassle thanks to the Flash Lite support. The multi touch gestures allows easy zoom in and zoom out option, easy to switch pages, add bookmarks and allows you to do everything with a desktop browser using the popup menu.

Till now many people would have made a buying decision along with choosing the Nokia E7 deals and best offers on Nokia E7. Weighing a good of 176 gms with the battery this gadget still fits smartly into the hand. The most powerful feature is the stunning 8 MP camera which comes with a good full screen 16.9 viewfinder with easy to use touch screen parameters. The camera enables face detection, with allowing a zoom up to 2Xdigital for still images and zoom up to 3X for video. This smart phone also comes with a secondary camera for video calls. So what are you waiting for? Make a smart and intelligent buying decision with plethora of Nokia E7 deals UK. Remember the Nokia E7 deals offers available today may not be available tomorrow.

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