The New Nokia N8 Featuring a 12 Mega Pixel Camera

The latest handset to hit the market from mobile phone super brand Nokia is the impressive N8. The phone looks set to be a sure fire success thanks to the great specification and the stylish look that it offers.

Taking a look at the design of the N8, it looks fairly standard as far as smartphones go. Weighing 135 grammes it is not the lightest phone, however considering the wealth of features the handset offers then the weight is very reasonable. Dimensions wise the phone measures 113.5 x 59.1 x 12.9mm and incorporates a good quality 3.5″ display which utilises AMOLED technology to produce a crisp image with natural and vivid colour tones. This is helped by the fact the display can show a total of 16.7 million colours in total. The capacitive touchscreen is very responsive to touch and there is the option of using a stylus should you require even more precise navigation. The usual array of chips and sensors are present, an accelerometer for auto rotation and a proximity sensor to preveny unwanted button presses during calls. Finally the screen is made using scratch resistant materials to help minimise marks and keep the handset looking great for longer.

The Nokia N8 is the best handset from the brand with regards to multimedia functionality to date. Unlike the bulk of smartphones currently available, the N8 boasts an extremely high quality 12 mega pixel camera to keep photography fans happy. This makes the unit considerably better resolution than many of its competitors who offer a still reasonable 5 mega pixel unit. The Nokia benefits from the handy addition of a Xenon flash, ideal for indoor shots or outdoor one where lighting is poor. Autofocus is always welcome on a phone, as normally the photographs you will want to capture are more about catching a moment than producing a portfolio, hence time is of the essence. The Carl Zeiss optics that are fitted really complete the camera, and they add a real depth and clarity to the pictures which otherwise would not be achieved. Hand in hand with the camera is the video recording facility, which is equally as impressive specification wise. The unit records at 720P HD resolution with a frame rate of 25 per second. this produce superb images as you would expect, and thanks to the inclusion of an mini HDMI port, the phone can be easily linked to any HD ready television to watch your footage. The N8 has an ample 16GB of memory pre installed, and this is backed up by a micro SD card slot, giving the potential for adding up to a further 32GB. The Nokia N8 look like the first handset from the esteemed brand to challenge the big players in the smartphone market such as Apple and HTC. The media features certainly seem a cut above the competition, whilst the host of other features on offer make it a great choice for anybody looking for a high end handset.

The Nokia N8 and the Blackberry 9800 Torch are available now.

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