Wireless solution with THB Bury Accessories

Mobile phones are undoubtedly one of the most important inventions that were ever made. We use these phones not just only for calling but for various other functions also. And to carry out its functionality successfully, you defiantly need accessories.

THB Burry accessories come with highest product quality that is achieved through the development and application of latest technology. With clever product innovation THB Burry accessories have acquired an international reputation. THB bury accessories incorporate Hands free kit, GPS Navigation, charging cable and comfort Cradle etc.

Now you can enjoy the convenience and safety of Hands-Free operation when using the THB BURY Comfort Cradle with any Bluetooth Car Kit or Bluetooth Headset! The THB BURY Comfort Cradle complements your handset in a custom fit Cell Phone Cradle, while providing an inside-the-glass mount antenna and battery charger via cigarette lighter cord. The performance is also boosted with the external antenna for your mobile phones. It includes mounting hardware, customer fit cradle, inside-the-mounting antenna, battery charger via car lighter.

If you change your mobile phone regularly, changing your in-car phone cradle can be expensive and frustrating. THB Bury has come up with a solution with the great charging base. The THB Bury Charging Base is one of the most popular hands-free car kits on the market. It easily connects to your mobile phone, charging your battery and allowing you make to hands free calls with great flexibility and high voice quality. One of the best features of the THB Bury Charging Base is that it can be interchanged for different phones quickly and easily. On changing your mobile, simply just find a suitable connecting unit for your new mobile phone and you can change the cradle without having to have a new car kit installed. Besides first-class hands-free, THB Bury accessories also includes develop high-quality portable navigation systems. It offers easy installation in the vehicle along with accurate rout guidance. It is empowered with touch screen and built-in battery. THB Bury Accessories have also embraced charging cable for Bluetooth hands-free car kits.  

Besides these, other THB bury accessories are available like switchbox, adapter for UNI system 8, Car/Mp3/CD adapter, Installation Aids, amplifier microphone, speaker, DC/DC converter, VDA adapter cable, little flat antenna  etc.

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