Blackberry Storm 9500 Vs Blackberry Storm 2 : The Revolutionary Handsets From Blackberry

Blackberry mobile phones are known amongst the business and working professionals due to their features and functionality. But now a days the brand is working to break this conceptions and it is launching new handsets in the market that are liked by all mobile lovers. With the Blackberry Storm mobile series the brand has entered the touch screen mobile phone segment. Blackberry Storm 9500 and Blackberry Storm 2 are two handsets that the brand has recently launched in the market.

These handset are laded with amazing features,the feature that makes these handset different from other Blackberry handset is the touch sensitive screen that the brand has recently launched. These handsets  have many other features that are new and are made keeping in mind every kind of mobile phone lover. These gadgets have huge internal memory of 2GB and an external memory slot with the help of which the user can expand the memory space and store his files and data. These handsets have a 3.15MP camera with many exciting features that gives you good quality pictures with an image size of 2048×1536 pixels. These handsets have amazing preloaded games that keeps you entertained  and you can download more games from the internet. With the HTML browser in these handsets the user gets problem free internet access so you are always connected with your loved ones and updated with the latest happenings.

There are many Blackberry Storm Contract deals in the market through which you can get these handset at good rates and with many offers. With T-mobile network you can get the handset for free with free talk time ,free text messages, free connection and you just have to fill a monthly amount of £30.00. there are many such lucrative deals in the market, you must compare Blackberry Storm Deals and get the one which matches your requirements.

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