Free iPhone 4 Plus Bumper Case. Is This For Real?

There are so many people who miss out on the opportunity to own FREE stuff because of any or all of the following:

• they are asked to submit personal information such as name, email address, telephone number, home address, zip code or postal code, and credit card information.

• they are asked to do a survey.

• they are asked to refer some friends.

• they are asked to download something in their computer.

• they are asked for shipping fees.

If that’s the case., people might say that it isn’t free at all,

Well, companies who offer these free stuffs just say so to get our attention. But in all honesty, they meant for us not to pay anything or perhaps less if really necessary.

In return, you give them the opportunity to try out their product and give them feedback about it or refer their product to others.To them that’s very valuable. And to you, that free product is valuable as well.
In the marketing world, it is simply trading things that we put value on.

Like nowadays, Apple is giving away 16GB iPhone 4 plus a Bumper Case. In return, you give them some personal information, do a survey, and try out 2 other products for at least 30 days.

Let’s see if the offer makes sense. The cost of 16GB iPhone 4 is about $660 and the case could be about another $30. That’s a total of approximately $700. That’s the value you would be getting.

And what’s the value you would be giving away?
• Personal information ($0.00)

• Short survey, approximately 30 minutes. Let’s say your time is worth $100/hour. So it’s (50.00) for your time.

• Try out 2 products for at least 30 days. Let’s say a product is worth $100 each to try, (which isn’t, because most of them are free). That would be a total of $200.

To sum it up, you would be spending a total of $250 of your time and resources to get something that’s worth $700. That’s a whopping $450 of free value you’re getting. But mind you, this is the worst case scenario. The truth is you would and could be getting 95% more value in trying out free stuff compared to what you’d give in exchange.

What you must understand is that there are companies out there that spend millions of dollars to pay research companies for a market study. These research companies then go and find people, bribe them with fancy gifts and toys (like a free iPhone 4) in order to conduct their studies, and have research findings.

That’s not a scam. That’s a legitimate way of conducting a business in that industry. So don’t be fooled when friends and relatives tell you that everything on the internet is a scam.

It’s legal, and it’s happening to hundreds of people who have traded some of their personal information, opinons, and contacts for an iPhone 4 with a Bumper case.

It’s your turn to give it a try. Promotions like these don’t stay forever on the internet. Once the market research is done, and the required number of respondents and results are collated, they would pull the plug off these.

Find the website and see if they are any still available in your area by entering your email address. Go and then get your free iPhone 4!

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