The Official Assessment of The Novel Network – Is this product a scam?

The Official Assessment of The Novel Network – Is this product a scam? 
Welcome to a legit, no nonsense, Novel Network Evaluation for anyone interested on this low price book service for the any e-Reader. When I first found “The Novel Network” I was undoubtedly a little skeptical to how quality the service actually was.
You’ve got most likely heard of The Novel Network, quickly to be dominating the e-Reader niche. For a small one-time cost of $49 you possibly can achieve entry to unlimited downloads of ebooks, comics and newspapers – and as part of the promotion, they’re freely giving free satellite TV and video games! Nonetheless, not all the things is ideal simply yet, read on..
First, i’ll outline the disadvantages of this product..
At $forty nine, the price is quite excessive, so before you purchase it, be sure to’re going to use it often enough to get essentially the most out of the product as potential, that approach you will get the most out of your money. Moreover, The Novel Network is at the moment only providing the membership website and products in English, which limits different countries from utilizing it, except you want to learn English!
Despite this language barrier, which isn’t a lot of an issue to most of us, Novel Community is strictly what it is cracked up to be. After all, you may get a few of the books off the web in case you are willing to look onerous sufficient, however that takes time.
And, now the advantages
So, you can get a number of the books off the internet, however not solely does that take time, you also threat downloading a harmful virus, the books are written by well-identified authors, each classics and newest are available. The newspapers are real-life actual newspapers, and the comics cowl all recognized areas (Marvel, Manga, etc.), PLUS, the whole lot is in a single place to obtain rapidly and safely.
This is greater than well worth the price of membership payment in my books (excuse the pun!).
The last point i need to make is concerning the customer service. Obtainable for any questions, they’re extremely helpful and may be accessed 24/7!
I began off skeptical, but now i reccommend it to everybody with an iPad/iPhone. I’ve downloaded a number of novels up to now to learn on the practice, and i am positive if i added up the worth of them all, they’d come close to the membership fee. If you have any e-Reader, whether or not it’s iPad, iPhone, Kindle or anything, a membership to Novel Community is a must have.

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