R4 SDHC and carte ds for your Nintendo DSi console

Gaming consoles are essentially very specific computers and they carry a lot of potential to do things other then play games. When a new gaming device comes out people immediately try to see if they can improve it’s usage. The Nintendo DS was no exception. Soon after it’s release a manufacturer found a way to run custom software off of their own special gaming cartridge. The very first card, dubbed the R4 Revolution allowed all sorts of customization and portability. No longer did gamers have to haul around lots of gaming cartridges. They could back up their games and store them on a micro sd memory card that was inserted into the R4. They could even use their DS to listen to Mp3 music and movies, once they converted them to fit the DS screen.

All content on the Micro-SD card is now deleted and the card is ready for the use with your card. If you have important data on the Micro-SD memory make sure you save the data somewhere else (i.e. your local hard drive) before you complete this step.

To move data onto the microSD card, make use of the USB adapter that accompanies the flashcard. Take out the microSD card from the adapter and load it into the R4 carte ds, which is afterward put into the DS gaming console itself. This acekard 2i will be interpreted by the Nintendo DS as though it were a game but will get going with the carte ds’s firmware menu. There are several varieties of firmware available for the carte ds, but all feature access to game and applications loaded onto the card and generally media players and organizers as well. Users can experience a lot of features using carte ds that are now common in most carts.

One of the best things about owning a ds flash card is the access to great homebrew applications. These are custom programs written specifically for the Nintendo DSi and make use of the technology packed into the console. You can upload files to an ftp, and use your DSi’s speakers and mic to make free VOIP calls over it’s built in wireless. The touch screen can act as a digital painting tablet. Popular games and emulators for older systems like the SNES have found there way onto the DSi as well. It’s worth it to search around because new projects are always in development.

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