Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Zerg – How To Perform A Mutalisk Rush

This information will reveal how to perform a Mutalisk rush with all the intentions of removing the other person’s workers just before they may possess any quality anti air. This tactic is more efficient versus a Zerg player and is also doable versus Protoss. On the other hand, I’d personally not advise utilizing it versus a Terran player due to the fact Marines are vicious while fighting Mutalisks.

The important thing for the technique to work should be only mutating Zerglings during the time you conserve all of the vespene gas you harvest for your Mutalisks. You simply must make use of the Zerglings for timely defense and also to you want to keep your opponent occupied during the tech up to Mutalisks. Make an effort to prevent your enemy from scouting your base so he isn’t going to realize you’re teching to Mutalisks.

Begin the match with a standard 14 pool build yet upgrade to a Lair once you possess the vespene gas. You should always be mining both Extractors, as you require loads of gas. Produce Zerglings as you wait around for the upgrade to complete and direct these to harass the opponent. The moment the Lair is completed create a Spire and then try to construct it at the rear of your resources to ensure the opponent is not going to notice it. Once the Spire is done mutate the greatest number of Mutalisks as possible and deliver these to the rear of the other players base the place that the workers usually are. Remove any amount of workers as possible. In the event that all goes well you can completely destroy his economy and then you can definitely change to both Roaches or Hydralisks to end the match. Make absolutely certain you never let them expand. But if the Mutalisk assault does not work out then you definitely need to transition to Roaches or Hydralisks immediately as Mutalisks perform really badly being a primary attacking unit. This tactic is not going to constantly deliver the results however when this does you’ll win the match fairly easily and quickly.

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