Tips On Fighting In The New Starcraft Zerg Vs Terran Match

The new Starcraft Zerg vs Terran battle can be a very contested one. Both races have characteristics that make for great skirmishes.

Dealing with Marines, Marauders and Medivacs
The three Ms represent a big threat to Zerg players. They are a combination of great ranged damage, a collectively large pool of hit points and healing as well.

When faced with such a combo of units you might be tempted to start making Roaches and Hydralisks. That is a normal reaction to this mélange of problems but it will take time. If Roaches don’t take that much to come up, Hydralisks definitely do. There is a cheaper response: Speedlings and Banelings.

The idea behind getting Speedlings as soon as possible is one that is used in many types of Zerg builds. This is due to the fact that they are extremely efficient in dealing with initial enemy rushes. If your Terran opponent is crazy enough to try a Reaper rush then your Zerglings will be more than capable of taking them down. If necessary, they can hunt them down as well thanks to their increased speed.

While using Speedlings is pretty straight forward, using them in conjunction with Banelings requires a little bit more finesse.

The Baneling is a kamikaze unit, able to deal a healthy amount of splash damage to the unit it targets. The Baneling’s splash damage is one of your best weapons against tightly packed Marines and/or Marauders. However, in order to not have your Banelings shot down before they reach the enemy’s ranks, you will need to first attack with your Speedlings to draw the enemy’s fire.

A couple of well-placed Banelings can seriously decimate a Terran army, leaving your Speedlings to finish the job. This type of tactic does require some practice in order to get it right, but once you have it down you can put your opponent on the defensive.

Following up
When your Terran opponent sees that his tactic is not working, he might try to go for Banshees. In this case then you will definitely have to upgrade your base and tech up to Hydralisks.  Then, put down some Spore Crawlers in order to detect the Banshees. Morphing some Overlords into Overseers and teching up to Corruptors might be the way to go at this point. Ultimately it depends on what your enemy is doing and what you can do as well.

During all of this you should try to keep an eye on what your enemy is doing. Going for Banshees is only one of the many options that he can choose. He might decide to dig himself in at his main base and expand. This is something that you as a Zerg must stop.

Zergs need a certain amount of map control in order to win their battles. They require a lot of resources in order to maintain their numbers of units. This leads to not only needing to expand rapidly, but also to hinder your opponent from expanding.

Keep in mind that the Terran doesn’t have to build a Command Center at a particular expansion point. He can just build one in his base and fly it over to another location. This is why constant scouting is so important, as you won’t necessarily find any construction taking place.

Your first and probably only clue as to whether or not this is what he is planning is to see any troop movements that are not headed for your base. If you see this then you know what you are dealing with and what you have to do.

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