Vivi’s WoW Cataclysm Guide

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Here’s a list of what you can find in Vivi’s WoW Cataclysm guide:

* Leveling – Hit level 85 with top leveling strategies covering the best quests and leveling locations that help you accelerate through the levels and a multitude of other strategies to gain experience points fast.

* Gold – Earn heaps of gold to buy all the skills you crave for and equip your character with the most expensive gear money can buy. With these proven strategies, you not only make mountains of gold, but make them fast.

* Questing – Swiftly complete the most important quests in Cataclysm with detailed and easy to follow quest walkthroughs.

* Guild Advancement – Lead your guild to a whole new level with proven guild management strategies shared by a guild expert.

* Races – Gain a comprehensive overview and understanding of the two new races. Everything you should know about the Worgen and the Goblins to handle them effectively is covered in this Cataclysm Guide.

* Classes – Effectively manage your chosen class with detailed explanation on the classes, the changes that comes with the expansion and how it affects gameplay.

* New Zones – Find out everything you need to know about the new zones from layout and location, to the monsters and drops you can expect as well as all the changes to existing zones.

* Spells, Talents and Abilities – Mold a character that effectively handles every game scenario, whether it’s fighting mobs, engaging in raids and PvP or making gold with the best combination of spells, talents and abilities.

* Raid – The best raiding strategies for different set-ups that dramatically increase your odds of succeeding at encounters without wiping.

And this is a glimpse of what the guide offers…

Mistakes the guide helps you avoid:

* Lose gold on useless buys that you will later regret

* Waste precious playtime running back and forth lost on a quest

* Risk getting banned from using illegal methods to advance quickly

* Grinding for hours just for another level up with little gold returns

Gaming advantages the guide offers:

* How to hit level 85 in only a few days

* Distributing skills points effectively the first round and avoiding respecs

* Easily take down PvP and PvE enemies

* How to quickly and easily make loads of gold

* Become one of the most wanted player when it comes to group play

Will I get banned by Blizzard?

Absolutely not. The guide is 100% legit.

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