Game review – Need for Speed Underground 2

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Instead of being a reporter for the highway to the beach to the left, the forest scene and a police car right tail, racing in Need for Speed Underground 2 (NFSU2) takes place at the center of the street.

In the game, players are imprinted in the lives of the illegal racing underground street below, like Vin Diesel and his accomplices in the movie “Speed Crew” (The Fast and the Furious). With NFSU 2, you will experience dangerous moments of the race right on the couch at home quiet.

When racing career started with NFSU 2, you will need a few minutes to study the controller, view the road map and try to participate in racing. Then buy your own car and started to show that this galaxy is a fun life. Now you will find a map marked with different color dots. Each color is a choice.

First, you can always join a race or simply driving around and get to know the city or visit some place to try the car. Special point is sometimes you’ll get a few phone calls or provocative invitation to attend a few “events” that special.

Attractive part of NFSU 2 is to select a range of different races, not just racing around the ring in which the participants just trying to drive to your destination faster. Instead, you’ll see her appear in a real war, not only to race but fought back to know the name of “wheels poke sticks” to the finish line fastest.

This is always an integral part of Need for Speed Underground 2 general and particular. An important part of the game is you have to find a car and turn it into a “monster” of the street. What’s up your vehicle, be it a Ford, Mitsubishi, or the car that you are going. Then visual and aesthetic ingenuity, you turn “child” of his car into a special military vehicle. You can paste the picture of her hand on the car, add additional headlights, taillights, window paint or neon lights on the chassis, can even upgrade the car stereo system. If you count the choices and different types of cars in NFSU 2, there will be billions of combinations.

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