Game review – Super Mario Bros 3 : Mario Forever 4.4

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Super Mario Bros. is simply one of the best independent release has created a game for plumbers. It features a combination of many factors exist in the classic game of the series, with the stage of Super Mario Bros.. 3, Super Mario World and even the theme music from Super Mario 64.
The game stands out to provide a nostalgic experience for players, easy to remember the best moments spent with older Nintendo consoles. He is a little heavier to run the game than most similar to, but can be used on simple machines.

Basically, the game is nothing too different from the classic Mario game. Is he still a plumber Mario with the tasks of rescuing the kingdom from the threat of fungus turtle Bowser boss and his accomplices, the gameplay is still the best 2D scrolling scenes familiar to the game screen stretches from green mushroom kingdom Fresh rose to the dark cave, deep sea or clouds on the blue headline … Besides, the game still has some innovation. First of all in the graphics and sound just keep cheerful style of the original, has improved quite a lot. Next was new at some point is worth increasing the number of bosses, up monster races …

Hearkening back to the heyday of Nintendo, this game re-creates the classic Super Mario Bros. Although Mario Forever graphics and sound unlike the original version of the Mario, all players are familiar with the game will not be to distinguish.

The basic platformer action has not changed either. When the little plumber Mario passionate, you go through different worlds to collect coins while dodging enemies such as malevolent mushrooms and ill-tempered turtles. You will not find a feature-rich, but at least you can change the keyboard controls or disable music and sound effects.

However, we think a little Mario Forever consuming too much processor time, especially considering its outdated design. But if you’re a fan of the 1980s classic Super Mario Bros, and we think this version will not disappoint you.

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