Gaming Communities – Top Three Issues with Parenting Online Gamers

Online games, as we all know, require very little physical exertion in order to play well. To play these games, all that a gamer needs is to press buttons on the keyboard and move the computer’s mouse. Furthermore, these games are often played endlessly, where it is not rare for a person to sit in front of a computer for extended periods.

Thus, obesity becomes a problem. Aside from the fact that one’s metabolism is not stimulated at all, many gamers tend to eat more than they should. Online games can exhaust a child at a certain point, but that atmosphere of competition is something that child will yearn for a lot.

Online games often work through paid subscriptions or what some publishers call “donations”. By paying a specified amount, a player can acquire advantages over other players which makes them more competitive inside the game. Furthermore, there are instances where the required fees become so exorbitant that some players are forced to dig deep into their pockets just to have the money to pay for them.

This is alarming for a parent because there is a risk that a child might become financially irresponsible because of this addiction. In many instances, children refuse to use their money to buy lunch and save it instead, so that they can give donations or pay subscription fees. While it is true that saving money is good, the means do not justify the ends.

Online games, as was already mentioned, take considerable time to play. It is not unusual for online gamers to play continuously for almost half a day, every day. Thus, many of these gamers have underdeveloped social skills because they never get to interact with real people a lot.

These online gamers do interact with people online. However, the net is known to be a place where good manners and right conduct are not practiced because of a person’s perceived impunity. This may prove catastrophic for children as they grow up, because they may not be able to fully understand the link between misdemeanors and societal backlash.

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