Nintendo carte ds for new console DSi XLL

The DSi LL will’ve two supersized 4.2″ screens, with the LL standing for large size, that help the device be more functional as a mobile internet device, a music player. Like the DSi, the DSi LL gets an SD slot, but lacks the Gameboy Advance slot that the DS Lite has.

The DSi XL’s screen is 93 percent larger than the current carte DSi, as you can see in the picture below. And the device will come in two colors. Will it be enough to ward off the iPhone, iPad and other competitors? Dunaway said she isn’t worried, since Nintendo set huge sales records in December and all of 2009.

The biggest improvement on the LL/XL is the 4.2 inch screens, a full inch larger than the ones the DSi sports. It’s also claimed to have about 1 to 3 hours more battery life than the DSi depending on screen brightness, but since the new model is considerably larger and about 50% heavier than the DSi, there’s plenty of space for a larger battery.

Currently Nintendo carte DS users can access the Nintendo store to download a variety of content via WiFi, but that requires that the user be within proximity of a signal and seriously hinders the purchase anytime, anywhere impulse. Of course, this kind of delivery system would be implemented in the next generation of Nintendo DSes and would add some significant cost to the handheld device, something Nintendo may not be willing to do.

The Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL systems offer consumers access to more than 1,300 packaged games and more than 200 downloadable games. Both systems feature two built-in cameras and photo- and sound-manipulation software that provide for a more social experience. Users can wirelessly upload photos to Facebook with the touch of a button (wireless broadband Internet access required). The Nintendo DSi XL system, which features a screen that is 93 per cent larger than that of the Nintendo DS Lite, comes pre-loaded with software like Brain Age™ Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Flipnote Studio™, Photo Clock and the Nintendo DSi Browser.

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