Starcraft 2 Elite Guide – Quickest Way to Win With Protoss

In Starcraft 2 one of the fastest ways to win a match with Protoss is by making use of Void Rays in a timely fashion. This technique can net you a win in less than 15 minutes and works against the Terran, Protoss and Zerg. This technique does not gurantee a win so we’ll talk the build order and we’ll talk about when to use it and when not to use it. This Technique generally works against anything because you are pumping out 4 void rays in the time that other races just start to produce units. If you’re scouting information reveals quick zerglings or quick zealots or mass marines you need to alter the build order and construct a wall for your ramp.

First off begin by producing 2 Probes then begin warping in a Pylon. As that’s going use Chronoboost to pop out probes until you’re at 14 supply or untill you have the probes queued that make 14 supply. Once at 14 supply warp in your first and hopefully only Gateway. While your Gateway is constructing continue to Chronoboost your Nexus and produce Probes till 16 supply. At this point build both of your Assimilators and another Pylon and when your gateway is at about 75% this is when you want to stop and save for your Cybernetics Core. Once you have begun the Cybernetics Core saturate both of your Assimilators ( do this earlier if possible) as this technique requires you to conserve your vespene gas. Warp in another Pylon once your Cybernetics Core is going and continue producing probes and as soon as you notice the Cybernetics Core is done there should be very little wait time for the 300 vespene gas to warp in 2 Stargates. So once those are warping in it is now that you want to stop using Chronoboost on Probes and save it for Void Ray Production. You may wish to get just one more Pylon and at this point you should just focus on saving up for Void Rays.

I like to save up for 2 Void Rays at a time so just hold off till you have 400 minerals and 300 gas and produce two at a time 95% of the time the game will be over before you even have 6 of them. Now to talk about how to alter this versus any type of rushing which completely destroys this strategy as it leaves you completely defenseless till you have the first 2 Void Rays. To alter this strategy simply prolong the Cybernetics Core and build a Forge, using this plus a Gateway and 2 Photon Cannons to construct a wall for your ramp prevents rushing and the cannons generally buy you the time to get your Void Rays out. I’ve been winning tons of games using this strategy so practice it and good luck!

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